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Hi, Ben here.

There are some great printing sources out there. However, most of them are large scale operations in another state.

This make it hard for photographers to get instant feedback on printing, color rendition, quality, and the end result of the paper or canvas use. So making our source local and accessible provides the near-to-home access that is needed for a photographer to start implementing printing solution.

So why should photographers provide prints these days?

As my wife grew her photography business on an all-digital model, we both noticed that this has a serious flaw. While it's convenient to photographers to not offer digitals, and some clients just want this option, it ultimately does not give clients an end to their investment journey. 

While digitals have found a permanent place in our lives, the end of the road to every photography session is a tangible, physical product that can be held, turned over, handed to a loved one, gift wrapped, or hung on a wall. This is the last step of a photograph's journey, and so many photographers are willing to just drop this final and most important step.

In 2018 I visioned PrintHaus as a way to both provide an end solution to clients, and give access to local photographers to test and develop their own print product lines. The concept has grown from prints to canvas wraps, hardwood frames, and we're on the road to producing our own greeting card options.

While we're still in our earliest of stages here at PrintHaus, we're taking the important steps to developing our products to both supplement our partnering photographers as well as provide local options for Chicago to access our straightforward approach to quality printed products.

Want to know more?

Contact us for additional information. Partner with us for customized products and photographer-only pricing.

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