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We believe pictures were meant to be printed.

And that shouldn't be so complicated to do.
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And we believe your photos should be the center of attention.

Not us, or our products.
Like you, we found that there are just too many flimsy and distracting products out there. 

So we made our own.

We focus on what we value most, simple centric products that will outlast the walls they hang from.

What sets us apart

We design, mill, cut our own glass, and assemble our frames from scratch.  
We calibrate, edit, and print our products with world class equipment, papers, and inks. 
We offer local pickup and custom shipping options to both our partnering photographers and our clients.

About PrintHaus

We believe the lifecycle of a portrait is only completed when it is printed. We believe that the memories we invest in and have captured are much more meaningful when we can hold them in our hands. 

And we know that mass print producers racing to the bottom line has made it difficult for photographers to sell their own prints, let alone assure clients get the highest standards.

This  leaves us with yet another step to finishing our portrait experience and journey.

So we set out to provide a local solution for Chicago's portrait photographers and the families they serve.

Our aim is to provide you with not just the best quality products, but the final and most important step in your photo's journey.

Want to know more?

Contact us for additional information. Partner with us for customized products and photographer-only pricing.

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